Monday, 22 February 2016

Deerfield Reenactment

The Mousquets du Roi are preparing to participate in the commemoration of the raid of Deerfield, Massachusetts. This village of new England was attacked on 29 February 1704 (March 12, for the French who follow the Gregorian calendar) by a troupe mixed commissioned by Jean-Baptiste Hertel, sieur de rouville. The Attackers are from several communities, motivations for multiple and complex. There are french soldiers, officers and volunteers Canadians, Wendat (Huron) of Loreto, "Iroquois of the mountain", Of Kanien ' Kehaka Keháka (Agniers, Mohawks) of kahnawake and abenaki odanak. The attack of Deerfield has left a lasting legacy in the memories. Some captives are back in new England but others have done strain in Quebec, by marriage and adoption. These tragic events are reminded to Deerfield by a commemoration who wants to bring to light the context of the time and the motives of the actors of the time.
The Muskets du Roy are very enthusiastic about their participation. For the occasion, our members are preparing new clothes and equipment. An adventure to follow.…/commemoration-of-the-1704-raid-o…/

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