Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ronald Embleton

One of the great British illustrators Ronald had a passion for the French and Indian war which resulted in some great artwork on the subject of Rogers Rangers and the French and Indian war for mags like Look and Learn and Mickey Mouse magazine where he did a strip based on Rogers Rangers called Don o. He even managed to get an excuse to do some frontier artwork for his adult strip for Penthouse Magazine - this image is from an episode where the female protagonists get sent back in time to 1763. See the whole piece here


  1. Gosh, that takes me back.

    Look and Learn was my first encounter with Ron Embleton's work, and then my second encounter was Wicked Wanda when I was in the sixth form.

    Still a fan of his work and buy old Almark and Ian Allen titles when they cover a period of interest.



  2. he is an excellent artist/illustrator with well designed scenes, with authentic costumes, accuate facial expressions, and a good sense of humor. his indians look authentic, and comfortable and very savagely eager to scalp and torture.
    thanks for the samples, and the info on a very good artist