Monday, 17 August 2009

Regiment de Berry

Once a reenactor always a reenactor- well maybe - and I can't help thinking of what would be interesting to recreate and also what noone else is already doing as that's sort of important. Even though there were only a handful of French troupes de terre regiments sent from France some are still unrecreated - left on the shelf 'til someone dusts them off. (Footnote: Maybe someone is doing it - this sutler is producing a Berry coat - see photo left). Maybe this one should be done somewhere. Two battalions arrived in Quebec City - the 2nd on 11 April 57 and the 3rd 24 July 57. Fought at the battle of Sainte-Foy and elsewhere.
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I guess it would look a little like this excellent Vermont-based regiment - Bearn.

I guess you're thinking what fusil would be appropriate? The M1728 would do it I reckon - available from Loyalist Arms at a reasonable price - now there's no excuse!
Note this figure is wearing the waist-belt (ceinturon) under the coat.

The excellent Duchy of Alzheim has recreated this unit in miniature - different colour uniform though - not sure why.


  1. Hello!

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and I couldn't help but post because that is a picture of me! I put together a Berry impression a few years ago with the help of the Quartermaster General. Sadly, there is no unit recreating this regiment.



  2. Go to a website called look at artwork from Bryant White, look at Native American Art and you will see a painting he did of me wearing a deBerry wiastcaot and justacorps. Yes I am Native and the de Berry uniform I bought from The Quartermaster General is seriously fantastic and goes well with my Native F&I persona. I hope you like the artwork of the White's.
    David Bad Fish Musser

  3. PS. the name of the painting of me in the de Berry Coats Painted by Bryant White is called " Danger In The Woods".
    Okpullo nuni