Monday, 17 August 2009

Some unusual detachments in New France 1756

'CdF' Image from this wonderful site (in French) on the War of Austrian Succession and Seven Years War.

Chasseur de Fisher Detachment arrives Quebec June 1756. Volontaires de Flandres - (24 men) June 1756.
Regarding these detachments Montcalm writes in his journal of June 21st 1756 'There have arrived many recruits for the colony troops, of those that were made by Fisher and Morliere'. La Morliere was then colonel of the Volontaires de Flandres, Fisher of his own regiment. On June 22 1756 he notes '94 men have arrived which were taken in various regiments in France and which were destined to be incorporated in the French troops. (From Rene Chartrand French troops in Canada 1665-1760.)
I am not sure what these units might have looked like. Anyone know anything about this?
Other detachments that year were from Bigoree, (12 men) Bresse, (24) Brissac (24) and Vatan (24 Men).

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