Tuesday 15 September 2009

Battle of Signal Hill 1762

This battle - the last of the French and Indian war, was fought today in 1762. This image shows the French attack on St John's Newfoundland that precipitated it. More here
According to the account 'Recollections of an old soldier' David Perry this interesting thing happened;
While a squad of regulars sat eating their breakfast in a tent, a cannon ball passed through it, and killed one man instantly; and another by the name of David Foster, belonging to Capt. Cain's company, was struck on the temple bone by a grape shot, which passed under his forehead, rolled his eyes out, and left a little piece of the lower part of his nose standing; and what I thought was very remarkable, he lived to get home -- but how much longer I do not know for a certainty; though, about ten years ago, I was credibly informed that he was [then] living in the State of Massachusetts.

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Battles of Lexington and Concord

 Today's anniversary  the 249th.