Friday, 5 February 2010

Britain's Swoppet War of Independence range

Close up from here where you can see more and buy them

I suppose the first product I ever bought for this era was in the 60s as a child when I bought some of the excellent range of Revolution era 54mms by Britains. I am not sure if they were available in the US but they had separate muskets and bits so you could rearrange them into a different style. Be great if someone reissued them - there was also a nice artillery piece of which I still have the brass barrel somewhere. I think the muskets have been reissued by someone...
Image and more info about this classic range here

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  1. Dear Somerset,
    You are a veritable time machine! I had the knights and Civil War but these must have come on the market when I was more interested in the "Mersey Beat!"