Friday, 15 April 2011

European French and Indian war

One of the things I enjoyed a great deal when I used to run a French and Indian war group in the UK was seeing who was out there in Europe reenacting the period and we had guest reenactors coming from Alsace, Germany, Holland and many more places - it seemed that in every corner of Europe there was some activity for the F&I - maybe a just a guy or two - a couple maybe but get them all together and you had a really interesting group. I would like to somehow use this blog for a similar type of encouragement - so that people all over the continent can know about each other and maybe attend each others events etc. How this will work I am not sure yet - I would like your ideas on how this might work but in the meantime if you have kit for the period think about going out to the woods for some photos and send them to me, detailing your interests and so on.
(The photo by the way is from about 98 - I am in red and the rest are German Iroquois reenactors. )

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  1. blogspot has the option of setting up a forum, that might give you the chance you are looking for. I have never tried reenactment and I think I would look very silly if I tried now (do not see many fat soldiers of Indians)
    Peace James