Tuesday, 18 August 2009

French forces at Carrickfergus

Photo of the excellent Milan-based Gardes-Françaises group from here where you'll find more brilliant pictures of the European Seven Years War and American revolution reenactment scene.
Wiki on the battle here. As I mentioned this unusual raid on the UK in 1760 I might as well give the breakdown of French forces from here - their opposition was the British 62nd foot (4 weak companies). It might make an interesting wargame - we talked about reenacting it at one stage - maybe for the 250th in 2010? The British soon ran out of ammunition and were reduced to throwing rocks and stones before capitulating.
Thurot wiki
French Guards
Le Comte Do Kersalls, Commandant.
M. de Covenae, Colonel.
Swiss Guards
Regiment of Burgundy
De Roussilly,
Regiment of Cambis,

Le Compte de Skerdeck, Colonel.
Volontaires Etrangers.
Alternatively according to the French wiki on Thurot.
4 compagnies de grenadiers, 5 piquets des gardes-françaises, 4 piquets des gardes-suisses, 5 piquets du régiment d’Artois, 4 piquets du régiment de Bourgogne, 3 piquets du régiment de Cambis, 4 piquets du régiment des volontaires étrangers.
More here including a list of prisoners taken.

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