Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Regiment des Volontaires-étrangers

Artwork and caption here. This French regiment made up of German volunteers served in Canada and Louisbourg. Created by J-C Fischer (see below) who raised three battalions for land and sea service and I think they were under contract to the Ministry of Marine - France's colonial department. June 57 saw a detachment of 170 men come to Quebec and according to Montcalm's journal wore white coats with green cuffs and waistcoats. The 2nd Battalion - 660 men in 17 companies went to Louisbourg in 58. Apparently many of them joined the 60th (Royal Americans but also mainly German-speaking) when the fortress fell. Battalions 1 and 3 served on the coast of Brittany and repelled the British raid at Brest. Also some of this regiment took part in the French raid on Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.
We used to have a largeish reenactment group based on this regiment - we even tried to get a German file going.

Plate available from the Company of Military Historians

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