Sunday 30 October 2011

Tomahawk and Musket

Thanks to Thomsomsfeld for alerting me to this book by R Chartrand - I shall have to buy it. They say
In 1758, at the height of the French and Indian War, British Brigadier General John Forbes led his army on a methodical advance against Fort Duquesene, French headquarters in the Ohio valley. As his army closed in upon the fort, he sent Major Grant of the 77th Highlanders and 850 men on a reconnaissance in force against the fort. The French, alerted to this move, launched their own counter-raid. 500 French and Canadians, backed by 500 Indian allies, ambushed the highlanders and sent them fleeing back to the main army. With the success of that operation, the French planned their own raid against the English encampment at Fort Ligonier less than fifty miles away. With only 600 men, against an enemy strength of 4,000, the French & Amerindians launched a daring night attack on the heart of the enemy encampment. This book tells the complete story of these ambitious raids and counter-raids, giving in-depth detail on the forces, terrain, and tactics.

Mollo's Seven Years War classic

We all probably remember this book on the troops of the Seven Years War by Mollo and Macgregor - I certainly rated it at the time and I still think it's a great book -here's all of the lovely plates - thanks to Thomsomfeld. I'm not saying its perfect but for its time it's a brilliant work.

Scenes from the New World

Thanks to Thomsomfeld who tells me about an exhibition from 15th October 2011 in the Karl-Wörn-Haus (Museum of the city/ Stadt Schwetzingen) 'more than 10 000 figures, 40 participating collectors, 3 rooms, 20 showcases'

International Modellfigurenausste along with
paintings by Keith Rocco

"Scenes from the New World"
information here and Facebook photos here

Preußische Kuhfußmusketen

Also see here

Preußische Kuhfußmusketen sind wohlfeil

Piece on the Hessian Military Society site about a new repro of a Prussian musket that is inexpensive. German language. http://hessen-militä

1/32 AWI game

Here at Hat's site

Trident designs 40mm Hessians of the AWI

These 40mm figures look good and might give you some variety if you are fielding a Hessian force. Take a look at the rest of their AWI line I must admit to being surprised by this range - it's extensive with plans to do French and Spanish.

Hessian sword

I started looking for information on the Hessian swords and wondered what people used...this hanger dated 1763 from this auctioneers looks a good example. Also go here for another example - I must dig out the Collectors Encyclopedia

Saturday 29 October 2011

Don Troiani's Fusilier Regiment Von Lossberg

Print available from here.
One of the regiments captured at Trenton NJ. Read about the regiment at the Tarleton's Quarter blog.

Repro grenadier and fusilier caps

Found someone who makes good copies of the brass mitres for the Prussians and Hessians - this one is the Von Lossberg example. Webpage for Joseph Malit here - also does cartridge box plates.

French marine in the Revwar

Thanks to Thomsomfeld for finding these images.

Hessian fusilier cap

From the Knyphausen regiment - at the Smithsonian. The mock up is of the Lossberg regiment.
Also well worth reading about is the salvaged fusilier caps found at a shipwreck here

Uniforms of the Hessians

Good piece here on the various regiments and their flags. I don't think I have seen anyone recreating Fusiliers for the Revwar or Seven Years War period. I'd be happy to be proved wrong but I suppose unless you have the metal mitre parts it isn't feasable. I had a copy of a Prussian fusilier front plate which I sent to someone in the US and the postman folded it in two to put it through the letter box - ruining it. The image above is from 1783 and depicts the Lossberg regiment featured below.

Friday 28 October 2011

White Plains 1776

Today this battle was fought so an excuse to post this picture by Graham Turner (subtitled The Fuselier Regiment Von Lossberg ford the Bronx river at the battle of White Plains, October 28th 1776), during the New York campaign of the American War of Independence. from here.
See more of Graham Turner's New York 1776 series of paintings here

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Native Americans and Frontiersmen

Go here to see a series trailer for this educational project. Subjects covered include Robert Rogers, the Long Knives, Tecumseh and Pontiac.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Rogers Rangers masters

Here are the first glimpses of Rogers Rangers figures in 1/72 from Waterloo 1815, an Italian company. Slideshow here. Whilst having good animation and good proportions the clothing and equipment are a fantasy - more of the influence of Northwest passage. Sad. Thanks to Thomsomfeld again.

Sunday 23 October 2011

Saturday 22 October 2011


Coming soon is the bicentennial of this War of 1812 battle. November 7th. Anybody got any plans to celebrate it or mark the occasion? Wiki here
Bicentennial page for Tippecanoe battle on Facebook
Tecumseh's war wikiLink

Battle of Red Bank

Took place today in 1777 when Hessians tried to take Fort Mercer. Wiki here.
Hero of the hour was apprentice Jonas Cattell who warned of the surprise Hessian attack. The Hessians sustained heavy casualties.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Monday 17 October 2011

Flintlock and Tomahawk

This blog has been getting quite popular recently for which I am grateful so I thought I would post a pic by me from about 10 years ago which I found recently as part of an unfinished piece on Little Turtle's confederacy. Not finished but I like it's comic book stylee.

'When the Forest ran red' 10th anniversary

Trailer for the doumentary about Braddock's defeat.

OK my bad (see below)

had a nice email from Sean which says
I really enjoy your blog and what you find and share.
A minor point but the American Victory at Saratoga was 10/17
and at Yorktown
was 10/19.
It was not the same day but it was certainly a bad week for the
British to lose two complete armies in a war
(during the same week).
Damn wikipedia!

Surrender at Yorktown

Another key surrender on the same day as below. Bad day for the Brits.

Surrender of Burgoyne

Took place today in 1777 at Saratoga. Burgoyne wiki here.

Sunday 16 October 2011

British surrender at Yorktown 225th

You might have seen this before but if not have a watch - it's good.


Today was a significant date in the siege with the allies gaining the upper hand on the 16th and a British attempt at escape failing. Siege of Yorktown wiki

British troops in the Canadian winter

By G Embleton. Thanks to Thomsomfeld.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Wednesday 12 October 2011

The Irish connection

Thanks to Thomsomfeld for this image telling how Washington courted the Irish to join his struggle.

Monday 10 October 2011

Seven Years War at Terezin

Last weekend at Terezin in the Czech Republic was a SYW event - not FIW this time so there's a slightly different emphasis and I will hopefully put some more links of other albums but this Facebook album is worth a look at (these in the photo are Austrian cuirassiers btw and look to me fantastic!)

Continental line

By G Embleton from an early cover for Military Illustrated.

Brunswick troops by Knoetel and Dennis Martin

Saturday 8 October 2011

My Seven Years War

I think I may have posted about this blog before. It has some great photos of flats being used for wargames and there are some great ordnance data cards to print out.

British officers Seven Years War

By G A Embleton. Bottom pic is 37th Grenadier officer, centre senior officer 25th foot and Grenadier officer 51st. Top pic is Foot Guard officer with semi civilian frock coat 1759 and officer of the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Friday 7 October 2011

Forbes expedition leaving Lancaster by R Schlecht

Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail: Gateways and Getaways Along the Legendary Route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh

Had an email from Thomsomfeld raving about this book - he says:

The Book Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail Gateways and Getaways Along the Legendary Route from
Philadelphia to Pittsburgh is just arrived...its great...a lot of illustrations by Embleton
and Richard Schlecht....phantastico....

Here at Amazon

Shell Blockhouse under attack in 1780 by Gary Zaboly

This is part of a set of 4 prints depicting events around the Mohawk valley in the Revolution - see here. Thanks to Thomsomfeld again.

British Infantry Seven Years War

Showing some of the non regulation modifications that occurred during the period. By G Embleton. Corporal of the 40th and private sentinel of the 45th.

British officer on campaign in North America

G Embleton from Military Illustrated.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Highland officer, Rangers and camp followers

Many thanks to Thomsomfeld for sending me these scans from an old Military Illustrated article by Gerry Embleton on the British army in the Seven Years War. Click on the image to read the captions.

Stillman's Run

 The first skirmish of the Black Hawk War took place #OnThisDay in 1832. Sauk and Meskwaki forces, who were trying to reclaim land in Illino...