Wednesday 29 February 2012

Deerfield 1704 graphic novels

Here. My Italian is non existent so I am not that certain what's going on but it looks like a series of graphic novels on Deerfield and various other frontier adventures. Check them out and if you find out more then let me know! My Google translator says this (incidentally the Fort William Henry mentioned is a different one than the SYW one.


At Lucca Comics and Games 2011 Deerfield returns to 1704, with two new publications: PATH OF WAR and ATTACK AT FORT WILLIAM HENRY.
The relentless struggle between opposing forces along the frontier of New England, in a story full of twists and battles.
The Rangers of Colonel Church attacked the villages of the French settlers in Acadia to avenge the massacre of Deerfield. The Huron Wendat people chasing Agawam, Nashak and Mary Stuart. A new character enters the scene: Souhegan, a beautiful raven-haired girl Abenaki ...

A vile deception by an English officer and the killing of the Sachem of the Eastern Abenaki tribes, provoked the attack of the French Navy at Fort William Henry and the Abenaki Indians to the English village of Pemaquid ... A true story in 1696, with a screenplay by Charles Bazan drawings and Lele Vianello.
In November 2010 has revived the adventure with the first issue of the new series of Deerfield in 1704, WAR OF FRONTIER.
The epic of the frontier, the French and Indian wars in the 700, the battles between the English and French, the Huron and Abenaki Indians of assaults on the outposts of the settlers, protected by the Colonial Militia. A fascinating story of war, massacres, love and revenge, with the lyrics and screenplay by Charles Bazan, watercolors and the comic pages of Lele Vianello, who worked for so many years of Hugo Pratt, awaits you in November in Lucca Comics booth space Corto Maltese, and in the best comics.
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Reenactment of Deerfield 1704

Read about it on a recent news article here. Image is of Canadian raiders...looking good. See video of a 2008 reenactment when they had snow

Deerfield 1704

I really like this image - I think we have had it on this blog already but why not publish it again. There is a really good book the Unredeemed Captive on the Deerfield raid - worth a read.

Raid on Deerfield 1704

Today is the anniversary of this famous raid in Queen Anne's war. Wiki here. More on the museum's webpage where you'll find some fine artwork by Francis Back

Monday 27 February 2012

The Ohio Valley - Wargame and Diorama with John Jenkins Designs Figures

Some eye candy for you. The bumph reads
French Indian War wargame and diorama featuring John Jenkins Designs collectable soldiers.

This layout features figures from jjD's Battle of The Plains of Abraham, The Raid on St. Francis, Battle on the Monongahela and Ticonderoga ranges of 60mm (1/30 scale) soldiers.

John Jenkins Designs Collectable Soldiers are available in the UK fro

Battle of Bushy Run

This is a bit of a treat - the story of Bushy Run told using miniatures and dioramas.
The bumph reads: French and Indian Wars...Battle of Bushy Run...These historical miniatures are of different scales and highly detailed.

Thursday 23 February 2012

Tuesday 21 February 2012

1797 Battle of San Juan: Reenactment 2011

This is an interesting reenactment film - the blurb says:
'In 1797 Sir Ralph Abercrombie led more than seven thousand British forces in an attempt to gain control of one the Spanish Empires key outposts in the New World; Puerto Rico. What the British failed to realize was the strength and conviction of a smaller band of men made up of Spanish soldiers, members of the Puerto Rican Fixed Regiment, local militia and citizens. This small band of men stood their ground with the help of the impregnable fortifications of El Morro Fort and San Cristobal Fort and defeated the much larger British forces. This battle became known as the 1797 Battle of San Juan'.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Richard Scollins' Guildford Courthouse

The late Richard Scollins is well known in the UK for his military illustrations - he used to be featured in Military Modelling back in the day and it is from this mag I think this piece is from. He has a realistic style that is interesting - the blog has enlargements and text. Thanks to Thomsomfeld for this piece

Brunswick troops in North America

Thanks to Thomsomfeld for this link to colour plates by R Marrion.

Friday 17 February 2012

Thursday 16 February 2012

Washington, the man of action by Frederick Trevor Hill with illustrations by Comte J. Onfroy de Breville (Job)

Washington, the man of action ...illustrations by Comte J. Onfroy de Breville-Job
Thanks to Thomsomfeld for finding this rare book from 1914

The Revolution - Road To The Presidency

Introduction to the post war situation in America

Monday 13 February 2012

Tuesday 7 February 2012

The Great Siege of Gibraltar

This siege was abandoned by the French and Spanish today in 1783. Wiki here. This was the longest siege endured by the British Army. Painting by J Singleton Copley
Article on the great siege tunnels here

Sunday 5 February 2012

Novels of the South during the F&I period

If you have an interest in fiction of the SYW or later in the Carolinas and Georgia then check out this website the home of writer GG Stokes.
Some like Loving Lynn Celia: A Novel of the French and Indian War on the Southern Frontier are worth checking out if you like the Anglo-Cherokee war.