Monday 31 July 2023

Bloody Run 1763

Captain James Dalyell, killed in the Seven Years' War (French and Indian War) outside Fort Detroit by native American allies of the French

 Today's anniversary is this small battle.

Friday 28 July 2023

Recruiting broadside c 1798


Loose files and American Scramble Fast Play Revwar rules

 Here. These are a great set of rules originally published in Wargames Illustrated.  1 figure represents 10 men. Ideally for 15mm. These are reprinted in the current edition of Wargames Illustrated  (428)

Sunday 23 July 2023

Anybody read this book from 2011?


Blurb says 

From historian Thomas B. Allen, author of Remember Pearl Harbor and George Washington, Spy Master comes a sweeping, dramatic history of the Americans who fought alongside the British on the losing side of the American Revolution. Allen’s compelling account comprises an epic story with a personal core, an American narrative certain to spellbind readers of Tom Fleming, David McCullough, and Joseph Ellis. The first book in over thirty years on this topic in Revolution War history, Tories incorporates new research and previously unavailable material drawn from foreign archives, telling the riveting story of bitter internecine conflict during the tumultuous birth of a nation.

Fort William Henry battle in 54mm with 1000 figures

Wednesday 12 July 2023

G Gedney Godwin catalogue

 About 20 odd years ago this was really useful. When one was considering new projects it wouldn't be too long before the catalogue came out. Buttons, buckles, all manner of items. Living in the U.K. it was a glimpse into another world where the American Revolution was a big deal.

Tuesday 11 July 2023

The Frontier Five Select

 My daughter Bea saw a trailer for this and thought it was something I would like. I haven't been able to find out anything about it. The IMDB page says

As the former British Colonies on the east coast became the United States of America, their sights were now set on what lay west. A ludicrously good land deal with France unlocks a vast wilderness seemingly open for the taking. This was the frontier.

I will post on here if I find anything more

Bushy Run 260th


25 DAYS until YOU get to see history alive! - (for real) 

There are only 25 days left until our 260th anniversary reenactment gets underway at Bushy Run Battlefield!

Our annual reenactment will commence on August 5th and continue on August 6th this year. Join us from 10am-4pm each day to see the live reenactments, hear knowledgable speakers discuss British, Native, and other colonial history,  and see the battlefield where this pivotal moment in history happened. 

We will also have an extensive children’s area set up with various scheduled games throughout the day, as well as concessions, tours, and more. 

This free event is perfect for all ages to come out to the Battlefield and learn about YOUR local history.

Sunday 9 July 2023

George Washington miniseries (1984)

 Do you remember this? I liked it though I was quite ignorant of the details it got me interested in the subject. I particularly liked the French and Indian war bits. James Mason is Braddock.The Monongahela bits are about 1:33:00 in

With Barry Bostwick, Patty Duke, David Dukes, Jaclyn Smith and a giant cast of familiar 1970s and early 1980s actors. Originally aired as a mini-series -- shown in 3 parts, beginning on April 8th 1984.

British Light infantry and facial hair

Pic British Light infantry by Ralph Mitchard

thanks to Rock Seidemann for this reference.

“Our Light Infantry, Highlanders and Rangers they are termed the English Savages. These Light Infantry were a Corps of 550 Volunteers chosen as Marksmen out of the most active resolute Men from all the Battalions of Regulars, dressed some in blue, some in green Jackets and Drawers, for the easier brushing through the Woods; with Ruffs of black Bear’s Skin round their Necks, the Beard of their upper Lips, some grown into Whiskers, others not so, but all well Smutted on that part; with little round Hats like several of our Seamen – Their Arms were a Fusil, Cartouch-Box of Balls and Flints, and a Powder horn slung over their Shoulders.  The Rangers are a Body of Irregulars, who have a more cut-throat, savage Appearance; which carries in it something of natural Savages:  The Appearance of the Light Infantry has in it more of artificial Savages.”

An Authentic Account of the Reduction of Louisbourg.  P. 18-19.

Monongahela 1754


Artwork by JOB

Today's anniversary is this battle.

Monday 3 July 2023

Battle of Fort Necessity 1754

 Today's anniversary. Wiki

Pic David S. Lentz

Battle of Wyoming

Painting by Don Troiani

 Today's anniversary. Wiki

The Battle of Wyoming, also known as the Wyoming Massacre, was a military engagement during the American Revolutionary War between Patriot militia and a force of Loyalist soldiers and Iroquois warriors. The battle took place in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania on July 3, 1778 in what is now Luzerne County. The result was an overwhelming defeat for the Americans. There were roughly 300 Patriot casualties, many of whom were killed by the Iroquois as they fled the battlefield or after they had been taken prisoner.