Sunday 28 June 2020

Timothy Buck's Drums Along the Mohawk project (54mm)

This is the first stage of an excellent project. This is the corner tower of a recreation of the fort in the movie Drums Along the Mohawk (1939).
He says
'The entire fort should have a footprint similar to the one in the movie (relative to the 54mm figures) - so it will be a big one.  (I recently read the 1930's book - this is a case of the movie being better than the book).  The movie fort is a combo of two forts in the book (and in the actual history of thTimothye region).  I spent a lot of time watching the movie, freeze framing, using a rule to measure the people and how they measured to the fort.  Also, it was really tough figuring out the different parts of the fort, as I assume only certain angles were shot as this was a movie set and not a real fort. '
Timothy has some impressive ancestors from the Revolution era.
 The Revolutionary connection is to Col Jonathan Buck (founder of Buckstown now Bucksport, Maine).


  1. Nice. It looks to be a "blockhouse." If it is located along a curtain wall as part of an outer defensive work, then a "bastion" in the Vaubanian parlance ;)

  2. Hi Ralphus - I just copied a link to your blog on the "Journal of the American Revolution" about Comic book soldiers. You may get some through traffic. Good luck I enjoy the blog. Regards John Knight


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