Tuesday 18 April 2017

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Museum of the American Revolution

Exhibit Sneak Peek: The War in the South
Come face-to-face with life-size figures on horseback of Banastre Tarleton’s Loyalists Dragoons, a loyalist corps, composed of Americans who sided with the king against Congress.
Even amidst the horrors of the Southern war, Tarleton’s corps had a particular reputation for cruelty and mercilessness. Though these stories were sometimes exaggerated, the British Legion came to symbolize the extreme violence of war in the region. Despite their reputation for mercilessness, Tarleton’s British Legion struggled with politics like many Southerners. Many of them were “soft loyalists,” or American Continentals captured at the Siege of Charleston, and forced to fight for the King.
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Oswego Alex Stepkin

New Russian language book on the siege artwork by Ralph Mitchard! Details here (Russian language)

Sunday 9 April 2017

'View of the Camp of Calais in 1756.' Watercolor, 1756, by Pierre Lenfant.

 Ive been waiting for this image to be on the internet as it is a really valuable look at the French army in camp - the figures in the bottom left are wearing bonnets for example. Shame about the watermark.

Saturday 1 April 2017

How Daniel Day Lewis Became The Last of the Mohicans Rare Footage

Daniel Day-Lewis prepared for the role of Hawkeye by living in the woods for several days and learning to hunt and skin animals.
On set, he stayed in character by avoiding modern technology, traveling by canoe, and rolling his own cigarettes. His trusty flintlock
rifle never left his side either — he even brought it to Christmas dinner.

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From the Valenciennes manuscript 1774