Monday 30 April 2012

A curious image

Up on an auction site. Purports to be Richard Williams Royal Welch Fusilier 1750-1770. What do you think?

Thursday 26 April 2012

Muskets and Tomahawks French

Some nicely painted Conquest Compagnies franches de la Marine on this forum.  Anyone pick up the M and T book at Salute? Revwar forces for M&T here

Wednesday 25 April 2012

A preacher?

Another thing about the first Bath was the puritan preacher we had - I figured it would be a good thing to have and he was very earnest delivering a great speech about smiting the heathens. He never came again but we later on had a Jesuit priest!

Visit to the UK

We were lucky in the UK with our first French and Indian war event at the American Museum that we had a contingent of the 60th Royal Americans come over from Indiana. They were hearty eaters and putting them up on the days not reenacting was a strain but it was good fun and they contributed greatly to the good atmosphere of the weekend. We have remained friends even today so I guess it wasn't that much of a strain!

British Light Infantry

This impressive photo taken by Rosemary Jones shows the effect of the ignition of a flintlock in the half light. Allan's always maintained it was a normal load, and I believe him

Sunday 22 April 2012

New Thomsomfeld diorama


I must admit to only having just heard about this series of swashbuckling novels about a light dragoon officer in the American Revolution on Steve the Wargamers blog. But they look fun. Official website where there are extracts from this character called in the bumph the 18th century James Bond.

Thursday 19 April 2012

French and Indian wargame

By the Jackson gamers here

Muskets and Tomahawks English language edition

So the English edition of this set of rules and game system for the French and Indian war, Pontiac and the American Revolution is nearly upon us. Excellent news. Check out this blog for a breakdown of what its all  about. Forces of approximately 40 figures a side they say so there's no excuse not to is there? 'Ready to be released at Salute. It will be sold on the massive stand of Gripping Beast/North Star/ Studio Tomahawk almost in front of the entrance.'

Lexington and Concord 1775

These crucial skirmishes took place today starting the American Revolutionary war. Wiki here

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Francis Smith in 1763

Smith commanded the British forces at Lexington and Concord.Today marks the anniversary of the advancement by sea - part of the Lexington campaign.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

San Juan 1797

This battle between the British (led by Sir Ralph Abercromby) and Spanish troops in Puerto Rico took place today - wiki here.If you have a hankering for more information on the battle then this webpage looks ideal.Here for an OOB.
Image from here

Monday 16 April 2012

David Rowlands

This British artist has an interesting website with many great works depicting various British regiments in different conflicts through history. Be sure to check out the SYW and Revwar sections of the Gallery. This one depicts the Royal Marines at Bunker Hill.

Rogers Rangers article

Go here to see a piece on Rogers Rangers with illustrations by Ed Dovey and written by Robin Smith.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Battle Road photos

Scott Lesch from the blog I like the things I like has posted an album of photos from this weekend's 1775 reenacting of the skirmishes of the era of Lexington. This is of particular interest as there's a reenactment of this in the UK this summer at Kelmarsh Festival of History.

Pocotaligo massacre 1715

Today in 1715 was this part of the Yamasee war - wiki here

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Nikolai 1/72

This company makes resin diorama figures in 1/72 which cover woodland indians and their camps. Go here to see more.Thanks to Thomsomfeld for reminding me about these superb figures. Here's a link to Viennese modeller and blues musician Erik Trauner's dioramas featuring these figures.

Some French and Indian wargames

One here to look at, and another one here. Both in 28mm and recently posted. Dowload the rules Petite Guerre designed for skirmishes in N America for the timeline of this blog here

78th Highlanders

By R Marion. Thanks to Thomsomfeld.

Monday 2 April 2012

Reenactment nostalgia

Time for a delve into my box of old reenactment images - these pics are from about 98. I am in the red coat and it was my first time as an Indian - Stewart Macpherson is the Marquis de Montcalm and Greg is playing a Shawnee warrior. The venue is the Uslter American Folkpark which is an excellent site in Northern Ireland with a perfect setting for period reenactments.

Lord Dunmore's War 250th

 This year is the anniversary (1774) of this colonial conflict. Wiki