Sunday 23 April 2023

1780 at Michilimackinac

 "New uniform at Colonial Michilimackinac! We're presenting the year 1780 at Michilimackinac this year, which is when members of the 84th (Royal Highland Emigrants) Regiment appear at the site. We have a full video here with a little history and how they would have got dressed:"

Thursday 20 April 2023

British troops on snowshoes

Czech reenactors. Martin "Black" Pšenička leading, Sixfox and Myšák behind him.

Wednesday 19 April 2023

 Plate IV, A View of South Lexington, Amos Doolittle engravings of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, December 1775, reprint by Charles E. Goodspeed, Boston, 1903 - Concord Museum - Concord, MA - DSC05587

"April Morning" (1988) - Excellent Battle of Lexington 1775 TV Movie

 On the morning of April 19, 1775, the American Revolution began with the "shot heard 'round the world".

An excellent portrayal of the event that sparked the American Revolution from an idea to a shooting war - a 1988 adaptation of the classic novel by Howard Feast which takes place at the dawn of the America ideals for Liberty. Superstitious teenager Adam Cooper (Chad Lowe) struggles to gain the approval of his intellectual and devout Christian father, Moses (Tommy Lee Jones). When a lone rider warns the locals of approaching British troops, Adam surprises his father by joining the local militia. But Adam will have to come of age rapidly amid violence and death to survive the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Sunday 16 April 2023

U.K. French and Indian war reenactors at Avoncoft this weekend

 The reenactment season starts in Britain. New France Old England Facebook here

April Morning Howard Fast

 This novel by Howard Fast written in 1961 is set April 18 1775. Wiki

They made a tv movie based on this novel. See a clip here

Saturday 15 April 2023

More From Fort Ticonderoga

 While quartered in Albany Lieutenant Hugh Rose of Gates' New York Independent Company wrote to Captain Horatio Gates on March 31, 1760 that "we are out at exercise every day the weather will permit" Join us opening day on May 6th and learn more about these British Regulars that came to garrison Fort Ticonderoga in the summer of 1760.

See more at the Fort Ticonderoga Facebook page.

Friday 14 April 2023

Fort Loudoun State Historic Area

 It's Garrison weekend! Meet soldiers, tradesmen and camp followers as they bring Fort Loudoun back to life.  All ages welcome.  Free to the public, no tickets required.

Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM and Sunday 10 AM - 2 PM.

Women and the French Army by Fort Ticonderoga

 Though very few women followed French Army soldiers from France in 1755, by 1759, a growing number of Canadian women married these troupe de terre.Discover the important roles of women in the defense of French Canada, including dangerous work behind siege lines in 1759.

New from Fort Ti


From the Fort Ticonderoga Instagram

Sneak peak at this year's portrayal

Representing the year of 1760, when a New York Independent Company garrisoned Fort Ticonderoga. These British Regulars were commanded by a young Captain Horatio Gates.

Saturday 8 April 2023