Saturday 18 February 2023

Fort Ticonderoga 1774

 "Thank you to our visitors who braved a chilly February day with us today during our 1774 His Majesty's Garrison living history event! It's because of you that we can continue our mission of education and preservation and share the layers of Ticonderoga's epic stories!"

Thursday 2 February 2023

Mayflower, a voyage to war

 my local library has this. Might read it when I can

Nathaniel Philbrick, bestselling author of ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, reveals the darker side of the Pilgrim fathers’ settlement in the New World, which ultimately erupted in bloody battle some fifty years after they first landed on American soil.

Behind the quaint and pious version of the Mayflower story usually taught in American primary schools is a tumultuous and largely untold tale of violence, subterfuge and epic drama.

For amidst the friendships and co-operation that sprang up between the settlers and indigenous people, whose timely assistance on more than one occasion rescued the Pilgrims from otherwise certain death, a dark conflict was brewing. It erupted in King Philip’s war, a terribly bloody conflict which decimated the English population and all but obliterated the Wampanoag.

Following the Pilgrims from their perilous journey from England on a battered, leaky ship, through their first bitter North American winter (during which half of them died), to their equally bitter battle against the native Wampanoag tribe, Philbrick paints a vivid and panoramic picture of conflict and colonialism, co-operation and betrayal. In so doing he brings to life a cast of compelling, even heroic, characters, and sets the scene for the development of the American nation.

Warriors of the Dawn

 Indigenous weapons and tactics of King Philip's War. Video here. It is about half an hour. I haven't watched this all the way through yet but looks fine. Let me know what you think.

Portrait of an officer Stephen Slaughter