Friday 31 December 2021

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Article in French on Canadian clothing by Bruno Helias from Tradition

Lorsque le roi de France habillait ses soldats a la Canadienne by Bruno Helias author and artist. Tradition magazine no 144 1999

Old Fort Niagara event

 By the way the fellow is wearing a tapabord. Go here to get a Pdf of a pattern.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Sergio Toppi

 On my travels I found this piece of comic art on but I don't know the comic or context. Nice though

Friday 10 December 2021

Interesting image of snowshoes

 Here for a zoomable image. I don't know but it looks like Canadians. What do you think? By Alexander Cluny (died 1770)

The American Traveller: or, Observations on the Present State, Culture and Commerce of the British Colonies in America, and the Further Improvements of which They are Capable. London: E. and C. Dilly and J. Almon, 1769.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Cornelius Krieghoff

inspirational winter images

 Cornelius David Krieghoff (June 19, 1815 – March 5, 1872) was a Dutch-Canadian painter of the 19th century.[1] Krieghoff is most famous for his paintings of Canadian landscapes and Canadian life outdoors, which were as sought after in his own time as they are today.[1] He is particularly famous for his winter scenes, some of which he painted in a number of variant

Friday 26 November 2021

Seven Nations of Canada in the Seven years war

 There seems to be some ignorance about this subject. The wiki will explain. The book is excellent and ideal if you want more.

Saturday 20 November 2021

LOD Enterprises rerelease 1/32 Fort William Henry

 New release alert from LOD!!

First, please excuse the very natural terrain that Fort William Henry is sitting on in these photos 😉.  We were so excited to set it up that the carpet was the closest area that could hold this impressive piece.

The famous fort located in New York and immortalized in Last of the Mohicans is now available from LOD Enterprises.  A foam masterpiece from the Barzso catalog, we are thrilled to bring it back for collectors.

The cost is $420.00 plus shipping/handling.  For domestic customers, we will predominantly ship via UPS.

Measuring four feet by four feet, this centerpiece can house plenty of British Troops tasked with holding off invaders.

Fort William Henry includes walls, bastions, gun ramps, and the headquarters building (with roof).  

Disclaimer:  The resin gates will be delivered at a later date.  They are on back order right now, but each customer will receive theirs as soon as they arrive from the factory.

Thursday 11 November 2021

3D printed F&I war

I know nothing about 3D printing but this looked interesting on the Seven Years War wargaming page.

 Madox Historical November release is out!

Higlanders Seven Years War and French Indian War:
Both line and skirmish formations.
American, European and grenadiers heads.
American and European musketeer officers and grenadier officer
Drummers, pipers, standards and NCOs.
British Provincial troops French Indian War:
Both line and skirmish formations.
Tricorne heads and "cut" cap heads
Line officer and skirmish officer.
Drummers, fifers, NCOs and Standards.
Light dragoons Seven Years War:
Both carabine and sword body options.
NCO, drummer, standard, hornist and officer
Plus 25% off on past releases
All figures come presupported
All figures excluding command squads are multipart
All figures are 28mm
So joint today and print your dream army!

Cherry Valley Massacre 1778

 Today's anniversary is this action. It was perpetrated by Seneca, Butler's Rangers and some from the King's 8th. 

by Ralph Mitchard

Wednesday 10 November 2021

German Jäger group

 Soldaten des hessischen Jägercorps zu Pferd und zu Fuß. (Foto: Kersten Kircher). 

Le Lys Sous L'Erable at Fort Petit Bé photos by Michel Dahiot

 Excellent living history from French Compagnies franches de La Marine group Le Lys Sous L'erable Erable at a spectacular location at St-Malo France a few days ago. See more on their Facebook page.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Peter Pig 15mm AWI

 This range looks comprehensive. Shall look further.

Hessian Jäger by Peter Pig
They do a set of rules

15mm AWI - Blue Moon

 Who does the best 15mm range for Revwar?  Blue Moon look good. Any favourites?

Saratoga British marching Blue Moon

Loose files and American scramble rules by Andy Callan

Wargaming battles of the American war of independence

While reading 'With Zeal and with Bayonets only' I kept thinking of this set of rules published in Wargames Illustrated magazine in the early 80s - issue 1 in 1987 to be precise (see pic off ebay). I never used them but I enjoyed reading them and maybe I will use them as they are available for free (Pdf).
There's a play sheet here too.


Thanks to Thomas for doing the text

Tippecanoe 210th

'Tenskwatawa, clutching his 'medicine fire', urges on Tecumseh's alliance of Woodland warriors in the ill-fated assault upon General Harrison's militia at Tippecanoe, 3.45 am, 7th November 1811' by Richard Hook


Friday 5 November 2021

La Balme's defeat 1780 (from wikipedia)

LaBalme's Defeat was a short but decisive battle on 5 November 1780 between French colonials in Illinois Country led by French cavalry officer Augustin de La Balme and Miami forces under the leadership of Little Turtle (Mihšihkinaahkwa). The target of LaBalme was British occupied Fort Detroit, but after he sacked the large Miami town of Kekionga, the Miami enacted their revenge. The victory gained notoriety for Little Turtle, who would become one of the most successful Native American military commanders to engage with the United States Army.

Augustin Mottin de la Balme (28 August 1733 - 5 November 1780) was a French cavalry officer who served in Europe during the Seven Years' War and in the United States during the American Revolution. His attempt to capture Fort Detroit in 1780 ended in defeat when he was ambushed by forces under Chief Little Turtle.

Interesting blog piece on the campaign

Thursday 4 November 2021

Saturday 30 October 2021

New Queen Anne's War book

 Details here Says out in 2022 but there are copies on ebay. Haven't read it but Fort Ti are organising an event with the author Michael Laramie. 

Stillman's Run

 The first skirmish of the Black Hawk War took place #OnThisDay in 1832. Sauk and Meskwaki forces, who were trying to reclaim land in Illino...