Thursday 27 July 2017

Wednesday 26 July 2017

French and Indian War paper soldiers

I like paper soldiers. I don't cut them up but I do like to look at them - and here's a site with a nice range of F&I War ones that you might like - here

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Ticonderoga this weekend

This Saturday, July 22nd at 11:00AM, discover the form and function of the French fusil. Watch as a Piquet of French soldiers drill to coordinate their firepower together for potentially devastating effects. For more information about our Montcalm’s Cross Reenactment visit…/montcalm-s-cross-th…/detail

Monday 17 July 2017

Drawings by Ralph Mitchard

More of my artwork can be seen here
Milicien and Native SYW

Log fort

SYW Native

Light Infantry Revwar

Revwar Saratoga British

Native warrior 1755

Sunday 9 July 2017

King Philip's War

Have decided to put this conflict in the timeline. Wheeler's Surprise wiki

Brigade Games King Philip's War

Unfortunately these arent available in the UK but they look good sculpts. Brigade Games

1676 - King Philip's War Skirmish rules

Here to download these
Pilgrim cavalry charges! Desperate attacks on fortified settlements! Daring ambushes! These are just a few of the skirmishes you can fight with 1676 - a tabletop miniatures game set in New England during the Native American uprising that became known as King Philip’s War.
The types of conflicts that occurred in King Philip’s War were usually small skirmishes that can be represented on a tabletop with these rules. You can play a native war party or a force from the Army of the United Colonies. If you want to add “fell creatures,” magic, & (gasp!) European powers, there is a supplement available with these additions (Mad Dogs & Englishmen).
The core rules are provided in only 5 pages. They are simple & straightforward. Simple die rolls - using 6- & 8-sided dice - are used to resolve combat & other actions. Most actions have the same target for success, so they are resolved quickly.
You can use one of the pre-made “armies” provided in a second PDF (Part Two), or can create your own balanced forces using a simple point build system. Part Two includes unit cards, sample army lists, & all the tokens you’ll need. Alternatively, premade Unit cards, Command cards, & (Mis)Fortune cards are now available from The Game Crafter.
Both books are illustrated with photographs of figures from Brigade Games' King Philip's War line. With these figures (supplemented by those from other manufacturers), you can now easily field beautiful forces in miniature to represent the combatants.
So heed the call to arms! Your colony or tribe is depending on you!

Hodges' Scout

I havent read this but the consensus on my Seven Years War Living History FB page was that it was a good book. I must admit to thinking it was fiction when I saw it before!
In September 1756, fifty American soldiers set off on a routine reconnaissance near Lake George, determined to safeguard the upper reaches of the New York colony. Caught in a devastating ambush by French and native warriors, only a handful of colonials made it back alive. Toward the end of the French and Indian War, another group of survivors, long feared dead, returned home, having endured years of grim captivity among the native and French inhabitants of Canada.

Pieced together from archival records, period correspondence, and official reports, Hodges' Scout relates the riveting tale of young colonists who were tragically caught up in a war they barely understood. Len Travers brings history to life by describing the variety of motives that led men to enlist in the campaign and the methods and means they used to do battle. He also reveals what the soldiers wore, the illnesses they experienced, the terror and confusion of combat, and the bitter hardships of captivity in alien lands. His remarkable research brings human experiences alive, giving us a rare, full-color view of the French and Indian War--the first true world war.

Braddock's defeat 1755

James Mason as Braddock in the Washington miniseries
Today is the anniversary o this famous battle. Read Washingtons letter describing the battle

Thursday 6 July 2017

July 22 Fort Ticonderoga Recreates Epic 1758 Battle of Carillon

Join Fort Ticonderoga July 22-23, 2017 for an exciting battle re-enactment highlighting the epic 1758 Battle of Carillon! Witness how the British amassed the largest army in North American history to date, yet was stunningly defeated by a French army a quarter of its size. Highlighted programming featured throughout the weekend brings to life the story of the courageous French soldiers that protected their lines of defense against all odds. Visitors will meet the British and Provincial soldiers who gave their utmost to drive the French from the rocky peninsula and fortress of Carillon, later named Ticonderoga. Experience the fog of war and smoky haze of battle as the French and British armies maneuver across Fort Ticonderoga’s historic landscape in battle re-enactments each day.

For more information and to view a detailed visitor's schedule, visit

Saturday 1 July 2017

Nipissing Indian in Canada, 1717

From here This hand-colored print dating from 1717 shows a Nipissing warrior, armed with bow and arrows, wearing moccasins, clothed in a tunic and cape obtained from the Europeans, and covered in tattoos. The French in Canada, priests in particular, found native tattoos repellent for religious reasons having to do with the sanctity of the human body. The Nipissing are an Algonquin people, first encountered by the French in 1613. Beginning in the early 1600s, the French formed alliances and developed friendships with a number of Indian tribes, including the Montagnais, Algonquin, Etchimin, and Micmac peoples. Their most important allies were the Huron. Following the defeat in 1648–50 of the Huron confederation by the Iroquois, the French worked to consolidate a vast native league that brought together the Nipissing, the Ottawa, Ojibwa (Chippewa), Potowatomi, Mascouten, Fox, Kickapoo, Winnebago, Sauk, Miami, and Illinois tribes. This major diplomatic effort culminated in the Great Peace of Montreal of 1701 between France and between 30 and 40 Indian tribes (referred to in Canada as First Nations).

Stillman's Run

 The first skirmish of the Black Hawk War took place #OnThisDay in 1832. Sauk and Meskwaki forces, who were trying to reclaim land in Illino...