Saturday 18 February 2017

A trapper in snowshoes, 1857

I know the image is from the 19thc but it is still interesting for those of us who are interested in Canadian stylings

Highlanders advance at the Battle of New Orleans, 1815

Extracts from the 1958 movie “The Buccaneer”. A film not directed by De Mille but it has his stamp on it being a remake of an earlier movie.

Tuesday 14 February 2017

From Fort Ticonderoga

With a perfect blanket of snow on the ground this morning, we took the opportunity to test some 18th-century winter transportation technology: snowshoes and toboggans!

I Am A Son Of Mars

Hear it here

Robert Burns - I Am A Son Of Mars - written in 1785

I am a son of Mars who have been in many wars,
And show my cuts and scars wherever I come;
This here was for a wench, and that other in a trench,
When welcoming the French at the sound of the drum.

My 'prenticeship I past where my leader breath'd his last,
When the bloody die was cast on the heights of Abram:
and I served out my trade when the gallant game was play'd,
And the Morro low was laid at the sound of the drum.

I lastly was with Curtis among the floating batt'ries,
And there I left for witness an arm and a limb;
Yet let my country need me, with Elliot to head me,
I'd clatter on my stumps at the sound of a drum.

And now tho' I must beg, with a wooden arm and leg,
And many a tatter'd rag hanging over my bum,
I'm as happy with my wallet, my bottle, and my callet,
As when I used in scarlet to follow a drum.

What tho' with hoary locks, I must stand the winter shocks,
Beneath the woods and rocks oftentimes for a home,
When the t'other bag I sell, and the t'other bottle tell,
I could meet a troop of hell, at the sound of a drum

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Stillman's Run

 The first skirmish of the Black Hawk War took place #OnThisDay in 1832. Sauk and Meskwaki forces, who were trying to reclaim land in Illino...