Monday, 30 November 2009

Fort Niagara 2009 - Battle on the Beach

More footage from the DVD of this summer's 250th anniversary reenactment.


  1. great stuff from th colour palate point of view. they needed to make more use of the picnic tables for cover!

    I liked the slinky looking woman who wandered across the foreground at one point. ECW re-enactors over here seem to have quite a few women acting as front line troops. Didn't spot any in Canada...

  2. I still can't understand the lack of sincerity in these reenactments, no one is acting as though it is a real skirmish. Everyone including the militia out in the open, women standing about in the open at the firing line. I see little point in this sort of reenactment.
    Le Loup.


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