Friday 14 May 2010

New German-language reenactment magazine

Had this from Udo - the man behind a lot of 18th century things in Germany like last year's Minden battle. He says;

Dear friends,

today I write you to present my new germanspeaking Living History
and Re-enactment Magazine:

One part of it will be to portray not only german/austrian and
swiss re-enactment groups and associations etc., but also those
from other countries.

So if you want to present your group you have the possibility to
send me text- and pictures files about your groups I could publish
in one of the next issues.

The contents of these articles is completly in your choice.
Important for me to get is that the picture-files are in a
high resolution and qualtity.

Please send it all to:

"AFAKTOR" will be published quarterly. The first number
will be a free Download-file and starts in June.
The first printed issue will be published in September.

It would be also great if you could send me a calendar of
your events in your countries.

Also it would be nice if you could send me adresses of cultural
institutions (museums, theatres etc.), traders and other things
of special interest for the living history and re-eanctment scene.


Udo BrĂ¼he

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