Thursday 16 December 2010

Moccasin kit

Over the years I have helped a few people get their kit up together for FIW reenacting and so as a few of you are getting interested I thought I'd take a few steps to get you started. First thing to make and get should be I reckon a pair of Centre seam Mocs. You can buy excellent kits for reasonable prices with all you need to make a pair. Smoke and Fire's kits are here. It's important to be able to make your own and its not all difficult and as Mocs tend to stretch and bend being able to rejig them is a worthwhile skill. It was common for expeditions to pause to make fresh Mocs so being able to make a pair is pretty worthwhile if you plan on being an irregular- Milice or Ranger. Wear them around your place and get the feel of them - and be prepared to make adjustments. Milice also wore Souliers de Boeuf which are reproduced here

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  1. No better footwear for the woods.


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