Thursday, 23 December 2010


I have been enjoing the 'French in Wisconsin' site. It has some really well done pages and is a source for knitted tuques that look the bees knees.
Check it all out if you have an interest in French and Canadian stuff for the Seven Years War and beyond. Researcch artle pdf on winter footwear is well worth a look and it has a great winter moccasin pattern.
The image is from the section 'soldats' and is them depicting CFdlM in winter kit. Be sure to read the piece by Isaac Walters on tapabord hats too while you're's a pdf


  1. Glad you found and like my site!


  2. I wish there more websites like yours - it's a real educational tool - and I faancy getting one of your tuques...thanks for visiting this one too!


Fort Ti (1953)

  Full movie here . This was shown by the BBC in the 80s as part of their 3D night. It's not a great movie. Wiki