Sunday 2 January 2011

'Tell Me Why' magazine's Last of the Mohicans

I am really pleased to find these images on the web. Basically this UK magazine 'Tell Me Why' I used to get as a kid and this strip by Giovannini was inspirational - the picture of a fort made a great impression on the 8 or 9 year old me. Go to this blog to see more - be sure to look at the full image.


  1. Hello ralph,
    How are you and happy new year!
    I have a question for you. I have developed an interest (like many) in engraved British powder horns from the French and Indian War and American Revolution time. By the way, here is a very interesting article about it (from the American Collector:
    I would love to know though if French also had engraved powder horns, in North-America, at the time of New France. Were they using powder horns? Were they engraving them? Were they engraving their names, location and year like the British?
    Also, I have written a couple of articles in this blog, and I am now gathering a number of things I wrote here and there in a single personal blog. Would you mind me recopying these articles and would you mind deleting them from here, after I copy them, so that Google doesn't consider it duplicate content? Let me know. Thanks.

  2. I am happy for you to copy them and then I will delete them. I am not sure about powder horns - maybe some reader might know

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  4. Hello Ralph,
    I looked at the 2 articles from summer 2009. I rewrote differently the one on Burgoyne's campaign, so you can keep it. The other one called Battle of Hubbardton was more difficult to rewrite. If you'd like, you could keep the photo and just a link to my article and my photos....

  5. ok send me an email for the link when you're ready

  6. Hello Ralph,
    I thought you might be interested as I have several of Giovannini's original art boards for the Last of the Mohican story. I bought them at an auction several years ago. His work of a story I have always enjoyed captured my imagination so I purchased them.
    Best regards
    David Britton