Wednesday 2 February 2011

My adventures in the wilderness

Thought I'd post this pic of me from about 11 years ago receiving my commission in the French Marines at Carillon - I'm the fellow on the left. It was my only (so far) trip to the States but it was great. I stopped off at Fort de la Buse in the Ohio territory (ran by the Detroit Marines) and hung out there for a morning and then up to Carillon before going off for the week in a canoe for the tactical at Lake George. After the week we stopped off at Johnson Hall and Fort Niagara so a pretty F&I couple of weeks. Pics of Fort de la Buse here.
It was always something we would dream of in the UK - a stockaded fort to play in - maybe our friends in the Czech republic have a similar dream - an all year round project that little by little could become something substantial.


  1. Dear Somerset,
    You look like a corrupt French official preparing to withhold supplies from Montcalm!

  2. The fellow on the Right is Msr. Jon Soule from Vermont.
    Best, Paul

  3. The stockaded fort is still a dream.....


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