Tuesday 13 December 2011

Lauzun's Legion

Thanks to Thomsomfeld for these images


  1. Is there any more information about the reconstruction of what I presume is an infantryman? In detail it differs from interpretations by Mollo and Chartand and it would be interesting to know if anything more is known.

  2. The uniform of this infantry soldier does not look like a musketier of the Légion de Lauzun at all.
    In fact the soldiers wore a sky-blue (bleu de ciel) coat, which means a somewhat darker light blue. thje lining of the coat was grey, the facings red, and the small clothes and gaiters white. They had black hats with a white border, and a white and black cocarde.
    (after: Eugene Leliepvre, Costume Militaire, Ancien Régime 12, La Légion de Lauzun 1778-1785. Edition Hussards de Marais Paris)


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