Saturday, 9 June 2012

Battle of Havana 1762

This military action in the Seven Years War started today 250 years ago. Wiki here. 
Images are from the book on the raid by David Greentree called 'A far-flung gamble'. Osrpey says:
Author: David Greentree
About this book
At the height of the Seven Years’ War, Great Britain made an audacious strike at the heart of Spanish colonial power in the Caribbean. Gathering troops from bases in Britain and Canada and sailing across the Atlantic in secrecy was an incredible feat. The raid on Havana took Spanish colonial forces completely by surprise and following vicious fighting, the city defences at El Moro collapsed. Havana, the jewel in the Spanish colonial crown, now belonged to Britain. The success of the raid influenced British military policy for centuries as the true potential of amphibious warfare was realized.

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