Saturday, 23 November 2013

Fort William Henry 1755-57

I said I would write more on this book when I had read it so here goes. First thing that hits you is that it is a visual feast - not just the paintings by Graham Turner but the countless site shots, reenactor pics and also artwork from a myriad of sources cover every page in full colour. On the textual side it has to be said this book looks like it is a labour of love - it's taken years to write (I think) and several visits to the States to fully cover the subject but Mr Castle covers all areas very well. Wargamers will find this book useful for all the orders of battles and campaign maps and 3D projections - it's not just for reenactors. In short if you want to have a book that covers the New York frontier and the whole Fort William Henry saga then this is your book - it really 'sells' the period so be prepared for your friends wanting to borrow it!

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