Tuesday, 4 February 2014

'Benedict Arnold in the Company of Heroes'

The Lives of the Extraordinary Patriots Who Followed Arnold to Canada at the Start of the American Revolution

Copyright Arthur Lefkowitz Collection. He says 'Here is the wrap-around cover painting that I commissioned for my new book'.
  'I commissioned this illustration from the Albany, New York based artist Dahl Taylor for my book. I had Mr.Taylor include my two dogs in his painting. My terrier Jackson is standing next to Benedict Arnold and Jackson's younger sister Schuyler is posed next to Arnold's aides-de-camp. Check-out the rifleman behind Daniel Morgan.  He is carrying a folding spear which may have been used in the Saratoga campaign.   The Charleville muskets are racked with their bayonets fixed and Morgan is wearing shoes and not moccasins ..   Arnold is not wearing a ribband-of-office across his chest but his two aides-de-camp are wearing them. Basically everything in the painting is based on period artwork including Arnold’s face. 

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