Monday 27 October 2014

Light Infantry image

Don Troiani posted this on FB nobody seems to know anything about it - date, artist etc. Maybe you know?

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  1. Yes, you can see that it is a bit of a puzzle. The 46th wore bright yellow facings, based on the facing and lace sample. The sitter's appear to be almost brown. Maybe the painting needs a cleaning? Buff cross belts, but not all light bobs had black belts. The cap is nothing unexpected. The collar is a puzzle. Short standing collar, instead of cape or rise and fall. The age of the chap makes him look like he is a little long in the tooth for a light bob. I guess he is an officer because of the (silver?) fringe in his wings. Also, just as grenadier officers did not have to be tall, light infantry officers did not have to be young and vigorous. My best guess would date this to 1771-76, when the 46th was on home service. The standing collar on an unlaced coat or jacket makes me think he has had a pre-1768 coat made into a frock for service wear. Probably a senior lieutenant posted to the new light company (maybe with promotion to captain). Notice that he isn't wearing his hair in typical flank company manner, braided and tucked under the cap. Big ribbon in the back.
    I think I see part of his shirt collar protruding over his white roller. That argues for an earlier date, pre-1778. Very interesting, but I am sure more skilled observers will get to the bottom of this enigmatic image!


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