Thursday 3 December 2015

Reenactors needed for Deerfield NH's 250th next year

'We are deep into planning a commemoration and celebration of our town's 250th anniversary.

Captain Jonathan Longfellow built the first known permanent home & stockade in Deerfield, about 1744.  Militia were stationed there and commissioned to patrol the then frontier a good ways north and south for several years during the French and Indian War.  They were advanced ball and powder by the Colonial Governor to be repaid with bounties due on any scalps they took.

Our big celebration will be July 16-17 on the Deerfield Fairgrounds (a lot of space!)..  We would love to bring in some Revolutionary War or other reenactors for an encampment, participation in our parade, and demonstrations.  We have a sponsor, would pay reasonable fees and be the finest hosts we could manage in every respect.'

Thank you -
Jack Hutchinson
Chairman, Deerfield 250
463-7692 and 496-0640

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