Monday 12 September 2016

The Battle of North Point by Thomas Payton

September 12, 1814 - The Battle of North Point was fought between Brigadier General John Stricker's Third Brigade of the Maryland State Militia and a British landing force, composed of units from the British Army, Royal Navy seamen and Royal Marines led by Major General Robert Ross (who was killed during the battle) and Rear Admiral George Cockburn. The events and result of the engagement, a part of the larger Battle of Baltimore, are somewhat disputed. Several eyewitness reports of the engagement saw it as a straightforward British victory, with American forces routing in disorder in the face of the British assault. Most American narratives of the battle, many of them originating from Stricker himself, tend to claim US forces were able to retreat in good order having inflicted heavy casualties on the British
(Image: The Battle of North Point by Thomas Ruckle, who served with the Washington Blues during the battle)

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