Sunday 6 August 2017

Martin Dey's tribute to Bushy Run

Dear Ralph, I have liked looking at your blog “Flintlock and Tomahawk” and have just watched the film on Bushy Run you posted. I first became aware of Bushy Run when it was pictured by Ronald Embleton in the book “Pioneers and Heroes of the Wild West” which my brother and grandmother gave me for my 10th birthday. My oldest brother also used to have a brilliant collection of toy soldiers: Britain’s Swoppets, Herald, Cresent and Timpo etc. Sadly , time, theft and wherever toys disappear to has decimated this collection, so attachment 2 is all that is left of the C18th ! Attachment 1 is my tribute to the anniversary of Bushy Run with some Barzso figures I bought on ebay much more recently.

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