Thursday 27 May 2021

For Trade and Treaty Ryan Gale

 For Trade and Treaty by author Ryan R. Gale is the most comprehensive work on the subject of Native American firearms to date.Filled with hundreds of full color images of dozens of original northwest guns, trade fusils, and treaty guns, this book's wide 11" landscape format allows images up to 22" across the gutter.This book also contains new research, numerous fur trade and government invoices, inventories and other firearm records never before published.Chapters include:History, Markings, Proofing, Repairs, Evolution, The Dutch, Old and New France, The British Colonies, Hudson's Bay Company, North West Company, X.Y. Company, American Fur Company, Pierre Chouteau Jr. & Co., British Government Gift Guns, United States Trade and Treaty Guns, Ammunition and Accouterments.

Price Range: $35.99 - $48

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