Friday 5 November 2021

La Balme's defeat 1780 (from wikipedia)

LaBalme's Defeat was a short but decisive battle on 5 November 1780 between French colonials in Illinois Country led by French cavalry officer Augustin de La Balme and Miami forces under the leadership of Little Turtle (Mihšihkinaahkwa). The target of LaBalme was British occupied Fort Detroit, but after he sacked the large Miami town of Kekionga, the Miami enacted their revenge. The victory gained notoriety for Little Turtle, who would become one of the most successful Native American military commanders to engage with the United States Army.

Augustin Mottin de la Balme (28 August 1733 - 5 November 1780) was a French cavalry officer who served in Europe during the Seven Years' War and in the United States during the American Revolution. His attempt to capture Fort Detroit in 1780 ended in defeat when he was ambushed by forces under Chief Little Turtle.

Interesting blog piece on the campaign

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