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Hadden's journal and orderly books : a journal kept in Canada and upon Burgoyne's campaign in 1776 and 1777Bookreader Item Preview Appendix No. 7. 429 345. 34M. p. P. 54.0. 3SM. p. p. 333, 334, note. a^D. K. K. 346, 327. 37M. P. P. 352, 541. s^D. Z. Z. 771. »M. X. 2-5. ""B. K : B. L.] NO. T. Sir Guy Carleton, Afterwards Lord Dorchester. The family of Carleton is very old. Guy Carleton was the third son of Christopher Carleton, of Newry, County Down, Ireland, by his wife, Catherine, daughter of Henry Ball, and was born at Strabane, Ireland, Sept. 3, 1724.* He began his military career in the Guards at an early age, and was promoted to a lieutenancy in the First Foot Guards July 22, 1751, and to a captain-lieutenancy therein June 18, 1757; which last promotion gave him the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the army," In the campaign in Germany in 1757, he acted as aid to the Duke of Cumberland^ ; and in 1758 he embarked with Gen. Amherst for the siege of Louisbourg, where his active exertions obtained him considerable credit. ^ On the 24th of August, 1758, he was made the lieut. -colonel of the 72d Foot."* The next year, when Gen. Wolfe was officering his expedition against Quebec, he selected Lieut. -Colonel Carleton for his quarter master general ; but as this officer had given offence to the king, the appointment was secured only through the persistence of the Earl of Chatham, then Mr. Pitt. The anecdote is told at length in Beatson's Naval and 43 o Appendix No. 7. Military Memoirs, vol. iii, 226, note 142. At the same time Lieut. -Colonel Carleton was likewise appointed a colonel in America only.^ On Wolfe's expedition he rendered important services and was singled out as a proper officer to be detached with an adequate force to secure a post on the western point of the Isle d'Orleans, a service which he effectually performed. Sometime after he was again detached to dislodge the French from Point au Trempe, twenty miles distant from Quebec, where he was equally successfuls ; and at the battle on the Heights of Abraham, Sept. 13, 1759, he was wounded, receiving a ball in the head, which, it was feared, had fractured his skull. ^ He took part in the battle of St. Foy, April 28, 1760, and continued to serve in Canada for some time under Gen. Murray. 7 On the expedition against Belle Isle, on the coast of France, he acted as one of the brigadier generals ; and Gen. Hodgson, who commanded, gave him flattering mention in the official dispatches. 4 Feb. 19, 1762, he became a colonel in the army^' ; and he soon after embarked for the siege of Havannah, in which expedition he acted as the quarter master general of the British force under the Earl of Albemarle.^ On the loth of the following June he was detached from the camp into the woods between Coximar and the Moro, with a body of light infantry and grenadiers, and on the nth he carried the Spanish redoubt upon Moro Hill, estriblishing a post there. His success cost him a wound, for which, however, the brilliant reputation and the ample share of prize money he gained were doubtless sufficient compensation.'' In 1763, he was commissioned as the colonel of the 93d Foot, but soon after the peace of that year his regiment was reduced and he went upon (549 of 710) Favorite Share Flag textsHadden's journal and orderly books : a journal kept in Canada and upon Burgoyne's campaign in 1776 and 1777


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