Monday 1 April 2024

Washington's Army Airfix

 Who remembers these? Came out 1971. I was 10. Hardly knew anything about the period but I bought some. I remember my local modelling shop the Modeller's Den in Bath had a window display with some painted as redcoats. Flabbergasted. Plastic Soldier Review


  1. I still have many of these in my AWI armies, most of which were either bought in the Modellers Den or just across the road in Woolies.

  2. I bought a couple of boxes in 1971 ish, along with the British grenadiers they were my favourite figures at the time.
    Re bought several boxes a few years back of both lots of figures and painted some. Nice nostalgi.



Lord Dunmore's War 250th

 This year is the anniversary (1774) of this colonial conflict. Wiki