Friday, 31 July 2009

Birchbark Canoes in the UK

I know enough about birchbark canoes to know there's a lot of work and skill that goes into making them. I know the years and miles that has gone into this so I have no trouble in featuring Northern Sound who at the moment do Algonquin (an older tribal design) and The St. Francis Abenaki - what more do you want? As they say:
Northern Sound is a family run business, based in Buckinghamshire. We design and build a range of canoes, inspired by Native American techniques, methodologies and materials. The canoes we offer are ideal for intermediate paddlers, traditional enthusiasts, and outdoor activity groups. We believe traditional aesthetic can be delivered hand-in-hand with modern durability. Our canoes are built to be used.
Time to get out on the river and lakes Indian style.

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