Thursday 15 October 2009

Fort Ligonier Days Battle Reenactment - October 11, 2009

Well shot sequence of the recent F&I event in the Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania - worth watching till the end to see the Brits up close. I got recently invited (on the French side of course) to take part in two of the big European 250th anniversary Seven Years War battles coming up next year and the year after...Warburg and Vellinghausen - it would be great to get some Americans over for one of these battles - I could imagine those guys in the bearskins would look good on a European theatre battlefield - if they got them through customs!


  1. I am not suggesting that all reenactors should at some time go under actual fire to get the feel of it, but you would think that the very thought of being fired at would make them act accordingly.
    The military might be used to standing out in the open and making targets of themselves, but the militia should know better.
    Just for once I would like to see a reenactment where they all act like they are really being fired at!
    Regards, Le Loup.

  2. There are things to consider when providing family entertainment in a public site - you can't have Hollywood realism - it's going to be stylised on grounds of taste. Public events need to be in full view for photographs and such - when I used to organise public events I used to get really annoyed when people ran off and hid out of's not really real - it's a show, if thats what you're supposed to be doing. I thought this clip was good.


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