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Friday, 3 December 2010

Jersey Blues

Incidentally this reconstruction is wrong in the sense that they had a linen strap for their cartridge box - but there ya go.
An interesting and unfortunate unit the First New Jersey Regiment. In some of the worst military disasters of the SYW. Formed in 1673 to ''repel foreign Indians who come down from upper Pennsylvania and western New York (in the summer) to our shores and fill (themselves) with fishes and clams and on the way back make a general nuisance of themselves by burning hay stacks, corn fodder and even barns."[1]

A book on the service of the Blues in the F&I 'Colonial Tribulations'
The Survival Story Of William Casterline And His Comrades Of The New Jersey Blues Regiment At Fort Oswego 1756 & Fort William Henry
promises to be an interesting read

Also see my piece on the Jersey Blues here
Origin of the Jersey Blues

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